About The British Seed Company

Established in April 2014, The British Seed Company was born out of a love for Cannabis and Hemp. Having some way, shape or form been involved with Cannabis for the last 12 years, we decided to put our knowledge and love for the plant into something constructive.

The British Seed Company is passionate about the use of cannabis. 

Our ethos is simple;

We believe strongly in its medicinal benefits and support the legalisation of cannabis use.

Having built relationships with some of the finest breeders in the world. We are proud to have exclusivity on some of these brands and our aim is to bring these to you.

Aficionado, Dying Breed Seeds, First Class Genetics, Woodstock Farmacy.

Committed to offering you the very best cannabis seeds there are, we have ‘weeded’ out the bad and what we are left with is a curation of some of the finest Cannabis seeds in the world.

We have spent the last 2 years building and refining our brand and knowledge and will continue to do so.

Welcome to ‘The British Seed Company’ we look forward supplying you with the very best.

The BSC team