Aficionado Seed Bank

Firstly, Aficionado seed bank was founded in Northern California’s “Emerald Triangle” region and boast over 20 years of experience custom tailoring exclusive cannabis genetics. Rest assured, every strain you see here passed some seriously strict quality control, guaranteeing some of the best genetics currently available on the market.

Aficionado strains – highly sought after and often produced in very limited batches; these high end seeds and strains best suit serious, selective cultivators. The masterminds behind Aficionado believe that cannabis cultivation is an art; as such they operate at the highest standards of plant perfection. Their strains also claim a huge number of awards, including 21 Cannabis Trophies and 16 Emerald Cup awards.

Take your pick from the fantastic Fruit Tartare, the terrific Testa Rossa and much more. Alternatively, further discover hundreds of our other cannabis seeds from multiple banks. Lastly, rest assured that whatever you pick, we guarantee some seriously superior genetics.

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