Archive Seeds

Take your pick from our plethora of products from Archive Seeds. Founded in early 2000’s by ThaDocta, these breeders distributed a number of genetics to talented growers and breeders. ThaDocta also donated a significant amount of his clone only strains for use in the formation of Rare Dankness seeds.

With nearly a decade of constant cultivation and experimentation, ThaDocta finally made some of his rare genetics available worldwide via Archive Seeds. Notably, Archive Seeds aim to prevent the corporatization of cannabis, striving to protect independent farmers and growers. Further going on to offer a variety of cannabis seeds catering to a variety of cultivators and users alike.

Rest assured, all of the strains you see feature years of hard work, dedication and talent in production. Truly a crew of veteran breeders who spend a great deal of time and care in creating these superior strains, whilst paying homage to their prohibition era heritage.

Boasting an arsenal of awards for their genetics, including 1st place in the 2013 Amsterdam High Times Cup. Further winning the 2014 San Francisco High Times Cup and much more. Take your pick from the tasty Tahiti Lime, the lovely Lemon Dosi and much more. Alternatively, discover hundreds of our other cannabis seeds from multiple banks!

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