Cannarado Seeds

Cannarado Genetics are prolific in the cannabis strain market and often the pioneering force behind a number of potent strains. From feminized seeds to crosses, Cannarado boast decades of experience and offer some of very unique strains.

They insist on maintaining an extremely high standard of quality for all of their plants; striving to keep the genetic pool as strong and as superior as possible. All of their strains are both potent and aesthetically beautiful, with some of the best looking plants we’ve seen.

With their first cross being made in 1998 after a friend brought back seeds from Amsterdam; they’ve been at it ever since. If you couldn’t guess from the name, these creative cannasseurs are Colorado based; as such, they have access to a huge number of highly sought after, elite strains.

As stated by Cannarado themselves, they aim to bring the best strains to the public, in seed form. Thanks to this view, you can rest assured that every seed and strain you pick from Cannarado Genetics is of superior quality. Check out some of these sensational strains for yourself!

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