Compound Genetics

Introducing Compound Genetics, a California based US seed bank. Formed by two friends with years of experience between them, both setting out to create fresh, exciting and superior genetics. These two friends both boast a signiciant amount of knowledge in both growing to breeding and know what growers need throughout the globe. Their motto “We serve the plant” further attests to their natural passion and love for cannabis.

All of their genetics undertake rigorous selection and testing throughout breeding, helping ensure some seriously high-grade seeds. Forever looking forward, Compound Genetics continuously evolves with a non-stop creation process; releasing strain after strain without breaking a sweat.

Further fathering a number of award winning strains, such as Jet Fuel Gelato (Gelato 45 x Jet Fuel OG F1). Although US based and highly-sought after, we’ve bridged the gap to supply the UK with these sensational seed strains; many of which are one off, limited strains.

Browse Blue Agave, pop some Khalifa Mints or take a bite of Ice Cream Cake from the Ice Cream Man; whatever you choose you’re guaranteed a potent powerhouse of a plant.

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