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Holy Smoke Seeds

Our team are proud to announce the inclusion of the world-renowned Holy Smoke Seeds into our cannabis seeds collection. Established in 2005 & boasting 20 years of experience in the industry; its no surprise that these hardcore horticulturalists consistently produce sheer potency and great genetics. Furthermore, the team also claim 8 years experience in judging cannabis for the High Times; with such a keen eye for cannabis, we believe it strange to not include this sensational seed bank into our archives.

Nick, founder of Holy Smoke Seeds and head breeder behind these banging strains maintains an extensive collection of past & present genetics; with a terrific talent for combining all sorts of strains to produce truly tantalizing breeds. In fact, Holy Smoke Seeds claim that they owe much of their success to Nick and his passion for plants. Furthermore, Nick drew much inspiration from his time in Africa, travelling and exposing himself to a multitude of marijuana strains. After this, he settled in Europe and really got into breeding. The team behind this seed bank clearly take great pride in their projects and strains, often never settling for anything less than the best.

The fact that these strains speak for themselves show the masterful magic behind their marijuana; Nick believes that these potent products will do all the talking, and it seems to be the case. Holy Smoke Seeds are responsible for a number of award winning powerhouses and remain renowned for their genetic mastery. With over two decades of experience, the dedication and passion behind the team never dwindled, with many original followers sticking by them since the underground days. Lastly, with such a high demand for superior genetics and feminised seeds, Nick felt it only necessary to oblige the masses.

Feel free to dabble in Durban Apricot Sherbert. Have a smell of some Sweet Orange Cookie Sherbs. Munch down some Mandarin Cookie Sherbert or discover the rest of our range!


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