Karma Squad

As always, we take great pride in announcing another world-renowned breeder team, Karma Squad; a collaboration between Karma Genetics and a variety of highly respected veteran breeders/seedbanks worldwide. KG already boasts decades of experience and a number of high-profile awards under their belt.

Through this partnership, a number of carefully selected superior strains and genetics were brought and bred together; resulting in another super strain for the masses. This dream team have helped bring some of the finest strains to light, breathing a breath of fresh air into the breeding community.

This collective of cannaisseurs target dedicated, passionate growers seeking top of the line genetics and superior strains. All strains you see receive regular testing throughout breeding, held to very high standards; with many lines pulled from the range last year, due to not meeting the extraordinarily high standards of Karma Squad.

Wrestle with the White Sumo, take a trip with Roaddawg or kick it with King Mamba. Lastly, feel free to browse our collection below, or discover the rest of our range of cannabis seeds.

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