Lady Sativa Genetics

Introducing the lovely Lady Sativa Genetics; a collective of growers & breeders based throughout Europe, now located in Amsterdam. The marijuana masters behind LSG boast years of knowledge and experience in both cultivating, breeding and producing sensational strains. With humble roots starting from breeder Jah Hoover; a renowned cultivator and breeder. After crossing and documenting his favourite elite strains for many years, Jah Hoover realised the demand for superior seeds.

As such, Hoover formed a collective of elite growers throughout Europe, all sharing the same vision and passion. Whilst relatively new to the scene, Lady Sativa Genetics never let that slow them down; producing super strain after super strain and further making a name for themselves. In 2013, their team took home 1st place for the 26th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam for their Knightsbridge OG.

Even for long-standing veteran breeders, 1st place at such an colossal cannabis event is quite an accomplishment. In 2014, LSG also claimed 1st prize during the Barcelona Breeders Cup for their Exodus Fuel Concentrate. If these award winning genetics don’t attest to LSG’s genetic mastery, we don’t know what will.

Enjoy a Sour Marmalade spread, or take a spoonful of Masala OG; whatever you choose you’re guaranteed some god-like genetics. Alternatively, further discover hundreds of our other cannabis seeds from multiple banks.

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