Massive Creations x T.H.Seeds

It’s finally happened – the two world class cannasseur’s collaborate to bring us some of the finest genetics known to man. Massive Creations x T.H.Seeds are both world renowned cannabis pioneers, each with decades of experience.

T.H.Seeds first found their roots in Amsterdam; starting in 1993 between two enthusiasts, Adam and Doug. Nowadays, T.H. Seeds are one of the oldest and praised seed companies in the world, producing a number of award winners along the way. They are extremely proud of their reputation and never settle for anything less than the best for their strains.

Now, they’ve collaborated with Massive Creations to orchestrate the creation of some more incredible strains. Massive Creations also hold genetic quality in the highest regard, winning a number of awards for their strains throughout the decades. Read about Massive Creations here. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that you’re guaranteed an super strain with superior genetics.

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