SeedJunky Genetics

Introducing SeedJunky Genetics, long established, highly experienced breeders & cultivators; boasting a number of years in the industry and also an arsenal of knowledge. Best known for their potent powerhouses, Wedding Cake, G-Rod OG, Gelato 33 and more classic crosses; many of which have won multiple cannabis cup awards over the years. Honestly, it’s hard to find someone in the industry who HASN’T heard of SeedJunky Genetics and their glorious Gelato 33 strain.

We’ve managed to source a huge number of highly sought-after strains for our ever growing range of cannabis seeds. Much like you, we never compromise the search for quality; so rest assured whatever you pick, you’re guaranteed superb seeds with superior genetics.

Lastly, feel free to discover the outstanding Octane Mint Sorbet, Ogee Crasher, Kush Sorbet and other exotic strains. Alternatively, further discover hundreds of our other cannabis seeds from multiple banks.

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