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Trichome Jungle Seeds

Introducing Trichome Jungle Seeds, a fairly small yet award winning company, specialising in top quality genetics and great flavours.  All of their strains undergo testing against diseases such as mildew and mould, resulting in strong & hardy plants.

Inspired by a lack of variety within the seed market, TJS’ story begins back in 2006; starting innocently through tinkering and breeding unique varieties. By 2008, the public demand for these strains was clear, prompting the conception of Trichome Jungle Seeds. These days, they’re backed by a dedicated team of worldwide testers, with each release subject to rigorous testing for quality and consistency; alongside staying true to their name with a terrific level of trichomes and terpenes packed into every plant.

Quality over Quantity

Trichome Jungle Seeds take quality very seriously, refusing to release a new strain until they’re 100% satisfied; which in some cases takes up to three years. Although claiming almost a decade of breeding experience in the industry, TJS have also only recently started entering their strains into competitions. Predictably, nobody expected this relatively unheard of seed bank to place in every cup they’ve entered, bar one. Truly a great selection of award-winning genetics, however these seeds remain highly limited; with their core line of strains (Mantis, Mandaria) only releasing a few times a year.

Cannabis Cup Wins:

2015 Spannabis: 1st Place Hydro Flower & 1st Place Hash for Mandarina

2016 IC Mag: 3rd Place Sativa for Mandarina

2016 Elite Cup: 2nd Place Sativa for Mandarina & 2nd Place Hybrid for Sour Mandarina

2017 Spannabis: 2nd Place BHO Extracts for Sour Mandarina

2017 IC Mag Cup: 1st Place Breeder for Sour Mandarina & 2nd Place Indica for Yew Berry

2018 IC MAG Cup: 1st Place Breeder with Cherry Spice, 2nd Place Sativa Breeder with Mandarina, 2nd Place Sativa Growers Cup with Lillt, 2nd Place Indica Grower with Jungle Dawg, 3rd Place Indica Growers with Cherry Spice

2018 Cannabis Cup Barcelona: 2nd Place Hash Makers with Orange Soda

2018 Monster Cup: 1st Place Hash with Ginger Bread

Take your pick from Tropical Mac, Pineapple Gunpowder, Pina Rina and many more. Lastly, we wholeheartedly recommend grabbing a pack whilst you can. View their selection of seeds below, or discover our complete cannabis seed banks here.

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