True Canna Genetics

The award winning True Canna Genetics are a self-cited boutique company of breeders; on the scene since 2000. Born out of a passion for plants and many years of searching for the best genetics & information. This passion of which eventually evolved into True Canna Genetics. In this time, TCG have won multiple cups and awards for their great genetics, such as HTCC Amsterdam, Spannabis, ICmag and more.

These brilliant breeders have provided the public with unique strains of a certain potent plant; forging a stunning spectrum of terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Many of their strains are suitable for both medicinal and also recreational use. In a sense, TCG are highly self sufficient, citing that they “aim to make waves by bringing our own elite genetics to the public and not cash in on other people’s work”.

Therefore, we found it no surprise when they followed up on this claim, delivering dank strains such as Chemonchello, The Truth and many more. Feel free to browse the range below, or check out the rest of our range of cannabis seeds.

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