Twenty20 Mendocino Seeds

With humble origins, Twenty20 Mendocino seeds originate from the village of Laytonville, Mendocino county, California. Twenty20 Mendocino were on the scene since the cannabis community was unified; hiding in the shadows and planting in secret, but always standing together in a group effort. As we all known, California claims the sought after title of cannabis hotspot, with famous seed banks and sensational strains originating there.

Known as “The Emerald Triangle”, California has been the centre of high-grade genetics and cannabis culture since the 60s. Twenty20 seeds see themselves as an integral part of keeping these pure and superior genetics alive throughout this process; alongside continuing to produce potent strains today. Whilst starting local, Twenty20 Mendocino seeds firmly believe in easy cannabis access for everyone; consistently sharing genetics to keep this goal alive.

Furthermore, the genetic geniuses behind Twenty20 cannabis seeds also cater to the needs of cultivators and growers globally; showing great understanding of each level step of the ladder, partly in thanks to cultivating for the California recreational market.

Discover the terrific Trainwreck (Arcata cut) strain, go for Glue Sniffer, dabble in Double Durban or any of the other superb strains you see here. Alternatively, discover hundreds of our other cannabis seeds from a huge number of seed banks!

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