Woodstock Farmacy Seeds

Whilst not much is known about Woodstock Farmacy, we do know that they pride themselves on producing potent strains. 1st place Indoor grow winners of High95cup 2019 for their glorious genetics, their superb seeds often grow into perfect plants; both aesthetically and literally.

They achieved 1st place with their Grape Pie x Sundae Brunch hybrid; named after the haskap berry plants they grow in their fields due to its fruity flavour. Alongside this, they also took 2nd place in the Sun Grown category for their Apple Juice x Sundae Brunch hybrid.

Whilst Woodstock Farmacy seed drops have become incredibly rare in the UK, we’ve managed the bridge the gap. Take your pick from a host of high-grade strains; from Rocky Balboa to Whiskey Sowah and more – all just as likely to produce 1st round knockout potency. Lastly, feel free to discover hundreds of our other cannabis seeds from multiple banks.

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