Good morning world, as some of you know we have just launched our website. It has been an ongoing struggle/joy to get The British seed Company launched. We have had many problems along the way. First and foremost with the Banks and card providers. Even when we (this industry) are following the law they still don’t like it! why?? We are trying to do constructive things here and we most definitely aren’t hurting anyone!

lable However we managed to get a business bank account and we are just in the latter stages of agreeing terms with a card provider. We currently only offer a couple of ways to make payment, Bitcoin and bank transfer. All that being said this blog post is about making that first sale…. We finally can say we are a trading business, after all the set backs and ups and downs, we made it to this point!! Now we know this is just the beginning of the hard work, but we did have to take a moment and pat ourselves on the back.

The first sale is hopefully the first of many. We look forward to you following our journey, please look out for the BSC Blog for updates and new products.

ThanksTeam BSC