The British Seed Company are glad to bring you our monthly Blog, each month we will be picking a subject that is related to cannabis and that we are passionate about and writing an article on it. We are by no means writers but we hope we can get across our passion and most of all we hope you enjoy reading.


This month we are going to talk about Hemp.


Now anyone that is involved in this industry/world will tell you how great hemp is and how much can be done with it, us included.


Lets start near the beginning, Hemp was first grown in China around 6000BC, it was originally used for ropes and sails for ships. It was a slow and tedious process striping the hemp fibres until George Schlichten invented the hemp decorticator which could strip the hemp fibers down a lot more efficiently. This led people to see the potential in hemp and some publications said it could be a billion dollar industry!

This led some Industrial and banking heavyweights with connections to the Roosevelt administration to start discouraging and destroying the hemp industry. The Marijuana tax of 1937 was then introduced.


The Cannabis and hemp industry has suffered for a long time from prohibition, something that although we know why doesn’t make it any easier to understand when we all know the benefits of it.


Hemp has some truly amazing uses that we believe can really help not just people but the world.


The first of hemps uses we will mention is the medicinal benefit, although we are mainly talking about the low THC variety of cannabis it would be ridiculous to not mention medicine, so far they have uncover 129 distinct disease categories that may benefit from this amazing plant.


Hemp is also a food and nutrition source for humans and animals, they have near perfect levels of omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as essential amino acids.


Material, hemp can be made in to clothes and fabrics which is much like the making of rope and sails all those years ago, it is eco friendly and hard wearing.


Hemp makes a perfect replacement for plastics, it grows super fast and is relatively easy to process, it is 100% bio degradable and does not harm the environment. In fact growing hemp in fields actually helps to regenerate the soil.


Building materials can also be made from it, HempCrete is a perfect example.


It makes for a great quality eco friendly paper source.


We believe in hemp and the tide does seem to be turning, especially for our friends across the pond, we really hope that the UK can come out of the dark ages and make it a lot more accessible and feasible for farmers to grow this super crop.


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