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Feminised Cannabis Seeds UK

Welcome to our arsenal of feminised cannabis seeds, ready for a rapid & stress-free grow. This type has fast become essential in the industry today, however this was not always the case. Before feminised cannabis seeds were brought to the market, many growers had to settle for regular seeds; also in our collection and available to the public.

These regulars consisted of 50% male/female cannabis seeds, which undoubtedly frustrated many who would have to double their seedling stock. As many know, most cannabis cultivators aren’t growing these plants for the aesthetic; especially when you consider the pure potency offered by these plants. Thankfully, the introduction of these feminised UK cannabis seeds resulted in a much more convenient, consistent and faster grow for cultivators everywhere.

As you may have guessed, these seedlings produce female-only plants, of whom the real payoff stems from. Typically, the X/Y chromosomes dictate which gender the plant will grow into. However, breeders have conditioned female plants into obtaining male pollen required for production. As such, plants with two X chromosomes will result in a female plant 99% of the time. Rest assured, every product you see in this range comes fully feminized, offering great genetics and a premium plant.

Take your pick from Bad Girl, Hot Mess, Hyper Fuel strains and much more. Alternatively, feel free to browse our cannabis seed bank, featuring all of our seeds from renowned breeders. We insist that all our customers should follow the laws set by their country, state or province. Any and all seeds sold for novelty purposes only. The British Seed Company also take no responsibility if seeds sold used in any form considered illicit or illegal to relevant authorities.


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