Introducing our growing range of greenhouse suitable UK cannabis seeds. For many cultivators, growing in a greenhouse or conservatory is far simpler than creating an indoor grow room; especially if you already have one in your garden. As such, for some these seedlings will be rapidly replacing your tomato crop.

For starters, greenhouse grows offer protection from the elements, insects and animals, whilst also maintaining a natural grow. In fact, this method also provides a longer growing season, allowing for planting earlier in the year. Furthermore, these conservatory grows remain highly suitable for both autoflower and regular cannabis seeds; often producing high-quality & hardy cannabis plants.

A number of greenhouse growers often report large harvests of 100g and over from autoflowering plants. These conservatories also protect your plants from both the worst weather and low temperatures; both of which are potentially fatal for your plant.

Protect your plant from high winds, extreme elements, low temperatures, insects and more with a greenhouse grow. Below, you’ll find a collection of compatible cannabis seeds and strains, all of which contain great genetics. Alternatively, discover our range of all seeds, feminised cannabis seeds and more.

We insist that all our customers should follow the laws set by their country, state or province. Any and all seeds sold for novelty purposes only. The British Seed Company also take no responsibility if seeds sold used in any form considered illicit or illegal to relevant authorities.