EGO CLASH 2020 – Spannabis Cannabis Competition

So, another year has passed and we find ourselves back in Barcelona, Spain for Spannabis cannabis competition week.
We were fortunate to be invited to sponsor and take part in mighty Ego Clash once again. Last
year held the inaugural Ego Clash in Barcelona (originating in the mountains of Mendo in 2018) and
we were also one of the main sponsors in 2019. As you may guess, we were honoured to be invited back and contribute a small part to its history.

Ego Clash is the brainchild of Brandon (aka Trich Tyson aka Trichy Balboa), the founder of 3rd
Gen Family Farms, Dying Breed Seeds and Moonshine melts; he has won countless medals and
trophies, with his life fully invested in that special plant of ours. Brandon had the idea to bring the
greatest minds together for a fair cannabis competition, where you enter and judge alongside
your peers and friends; a cannabis competition for the people by the people. He obviously isn’t able to do
this all on his own, so he brings over his family from Mendocino County, California to help run the
show. He also has a very special team member on the ground here in Barcelona, orchestrating
every move and working tirelessly to make sure Ego Clash and everyone involved is looked after.
Her name is Giuliana and she really is a titan in the cannabis scene.

A remarkable reception

The day started with a trip to our favourite association Dank Grass Club, where everyone involved
was to meet, catch up, get their wristbands and maybe see what fire the club had available.
(They had some very special Puta Breath grown by Studio Green Farms, that we absolutely
loved). Once everyone was ready, we all took coaches to the location; around 35 minutes outside
of Barcelona and to the most beautiful countryside villa. The place was adorned with banners
and looked even better than the year before. Lets just say these guys know how to throw a party;
amazing location, free & beautiful Italian food, free bar, amazing DJ’s and the best minds in cannabis,
all in one place… It is almost overwhelming!

The Spannabis cannabis competition consists of Flower, BHO, Hash, Rosin and Drysift categories. Furthermoreall the judging is done live by the people that entered. It’s a perfect way of judging a competition like this; sat down with
your peers, all just trying to decipher who deserves the coveted Ego Clash title… As you may
tell from the name, the ethos is you leave your EGO at the door, there is no place for that
here. To say it was a success would be an understatement, everyone played their part to a T; from
everyone who helped organise the event to the competitors, judges, sponsors and

Spannabis 2020 & the future

Due to all the corona-virus pandemonium occurring at the time, with Spannabis
cancelled it was going to be a strange year. However, Ego Clash once again came through and
showed us what this industry is about; first and foremost, good people, amazing cannabis and
showing how an event like this should be! We tip our hats to you all and can’t wait for next years event to be even better (although we aren’t
sure how that is possible).

Special thanks go to Brandon, Spice, Giuliana and the whole 3rd Gen Team; thank you for letting
us all take part and being involved in history! Lastly, shout out to all the amazing competitors, judges and
people that came to support the cause, it’s not possible without any one of you. Here is a list of the categories and winners:


Here is a list of the categories and winners –

Flower category 

1st Place – Eddy M

2nd Place – Axel

3rd Place – Jonny GWA

BHO Category 

1st Place – Murphy Murri

2nd Place – Team Flavourhunting ES

3rd Place – Kind Selections


1st Place – Slite23

2nd Place – Brrr Co

3rd Place – Scorpion 420


1st Place – Konfa GWA

2nd Place – Heavy Resin x We Flowers

3rd Place – M & M Extracts


1st Place – Wooksauce Winery

2nd Place – Alice 

3rd Place – Sagrada Farm

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