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Howdy peeps. Today I am doing a review on a strain called Melonade, which has been grown by the 9x award winning grower, Bezzle710, who uses Buddha Tree Nutrients and Ecothrive Coco.

Melonade is a cross of Lemonade and Watermelon Zkittles, bred by Dying Breed Seeds from Mendocino, California. The company is run by 3rd Gen Family who also run award winning extract company Moonshine Melts, and are responsible for other strains such as SFZ, Oz Kush, Banana Muffin, Melon Cooler, Banana Zkittles, and more.

Effects of Melonade have been described by some consumers as great for uplifting mood and allowing negativity to be lifted after a long and stressful day. This hybrid can either inspire creativity and focus or lead to sedation depending how much is consumed.

This strain emits a scent that’s been compared to watermelon lemonade and produces buds that look fuzzy with loads of trichomes and orange pistils. Its dense light green tones are further lightened by the thick layer of trichomes it’s renowned for.



The Melonade flower comes in a little bag along with a rad little ‘Melonade’ sticker label and you can see the trichomes stuck on the inner side of the bag which is always a good start! When I open the bag, I’m hit with an interesting but subtle aroma and the buds are all nice sized dense nugs with a bit of sponge which reassures method this bud isn’t too dry and has been cured well.

You can clearly see how rich the buds are covered, with loads of small trichomes all over, so much that they mute the overall colour range of the flower. This includes the light orange pistols that are quite hard to pick out from the light pastel toned green.



Like I earlier said, when opening the bag, I’m not hit with the most pungent smell but you definitely can get a hint of that Lemonade terp profile coming through. I want to say that the subtleness is down to a contributing aroma that I can’t quite pick out, and I don’t know if that’s coming from the Watermelon Zkittles side of the strain.

When you give a nug a little squeeze you suddenly get hit with rich and sour citrus smell that turns in to the bitter lemon flavour of the Lemonade side of the strain when ground up.



So I’ve wrapped up a nice big blunt and on the dry toke it tastes just how it smells, bitter citrus. When lighting up and taking the first few tokes, I instantly get that tingle on the tongue, which in my eyes is always a good sign!

You can taste the Lemonade side of the strain but theres some other flavour there that’s hard to put a finger on. It’s like there’s a sort of creaminess that masks the pungency and bitterness of the Lemonade terps. I have never tried Watermelon Zkittles so maybe it comes from that side and why Im struggling to put a finger on the added flavours to this unique terp profile. Who knows, maybe you do?!

One thing that is very noticeable is that this blunt tastes just as good, if not better at the end as it did at the start of blazing, and its gone down very easy! Im a big fan of the flavour, and it definitely tastes super clean, and you can see that in the white ash that falls off at the smallest of flicks, almost falling off, and the cleanliness of taste all the way through like I just remarked.



5 minutes in and I’m starting to feel a numbness and tingle to my forehead and around the jaw. The high is starting off pretty euphoric and the tingle gently spreads to the arms along with a kind of lightness that reminds me of being injected with an anaesthetic! This feeling noticeably moves to the kneecaps too I’m now noticing.

15 minutes in and the invisible sheet of ‘stoned’ covers my face and I can really feel it in the cheeks. Add about another 30 minutes on that and I’m realising that Ive completely zoned out watching ‘Action Bronson and friends watch ancient aliens’, and I’m suddenly remembering that I’ve forgot I’m doing a fucking strain review! That programs some funny shit and I’m realising that Im really stoned too!

My body is now feeling extremely relaxed, in fact, it’s fair to say its been hit incredibly hard with this high! But my brain still feels pretty alert even though I can still feel a numbness around the surface of my head. My cheeks are still really tingly and they feel really thick skinned and big.

Before smoking I felt absolutely exhausted, and now its fair to say I just feel relaxed and not so sleepy at all. My body feels super calm along with my mind state which makes me think this would probably be a good strain for anxiety and also after sports possibly, to relax the muscles.

Overall I have to say that the winning attributes to this strain is definitely the high which I’m personally extremely keen on. The terp profile is also very lovely, but I still can’t quite put my finger on parts of it, which isn’t a bad thing, I guess just interesting, and definitely makes me intrigued in to trying out some Watermelon Zkittles to see what part that side of the lineage plays in the terp profile of the Melonade.

The effects of the Melonade tells me that there is a nice balance of sativa and indica in this hybrid which suits me perfectly. The body high hits hard but soon relaxes, and your brain is elevated but controlled, not letting your mind race away.

If you have grown or tried consuming Melonade and want to share your thoughts, why not comment below or let us know, either through my personal IG account @ernest_herb or The British Seed Co page. Hope you enjoyed.

Yours truly high,

Ernest Herb ????

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