Ernest Herb’s Strain Review




How’s it going team? Today Im looking at some Orangeade bred by Symbiotic Genetics which was grown by a close friend and gifted to me by @pengfam_bs30_plant_life. The cut that I’m looking today is a pheno which they named the ‘Kenan and Kel’ Orange Soda cut.

Symbiotic Genetics is an exquisite seed bank from California. They are the creators of some of the most epic strains currently trending in the cannabis community including Mimosa, Kobe, Banana Punch, Purple Punch 2.0, & many more. Their absolute remarkable Purple Punch male plant was used to pollinate a series of elite mother plants found within The Village’s vast library of rare genetics in order to create some exceptional marijuana strains. 

High on limonene, Orangeade is a sativa-dominant strain with a super sweet tangy flavour and aroma. The strain was bred crossing Tangie, with their Purple Punch male.

It produces a powerful cerebral sensation that can last up to two hours. It has small, dense buds that contain a large amount of trichomes and many orange pistils.



So in front of me Ive got a bag open full of tight little boulders of lime green trichome caked buds. When emptied on to a surface you can hear how solid these nugs are

Each bud is small in size with minimum stalk, and the first thing that’s clear is how coated they are in resinous trichomes. The buds are almost a slightly lime tinted white colour due to this coverage, but when you look closely you can see dark subtle flecks coming through. Colours ranging from lime green to hints of dark blue where the Purple Punch has started to come through.

The buds have such a sugary look to them and the smell that comes with it definitely has the sweetness to match!



As I said in the intro, this pheno was named the ‘Kenan and Kel’ Orange Soda cut. And ‘chjeeeeeeez’ does it smell of sweet orange! As soon as the bag is opened there is a burst of sugary orange that hits you, that reminds me personally of orange peel mixed with lemonade.

The buds smell like no other tangie cross I’ve come across. When you crack a bud open you get hit with terps of just pure orange sweets with the slightest of tangie twang. This is a smoother smell, and reminiscent of the flavour I remember from Orange Calippo’s from when I was just a wee lad!



It’s completely mad to think that you could get such a soft, sweet fruity flavour from smoking a plant! Theres not one bit of harshness to any toke on the blunt I’m smoking, showing off the pure cleanliness of this flower.

On the inhale you get a real tingle on the tongue to accompany a smooth sherbet orange flavour, and I swear it tastes so clean you almost don’t feel any intake of smoke, making it feel somehow subtle but still full of flavour, and the exhale is a lot more prominent with a more creamy flavour, but still with hints of orange.

Even though the flavour is sweet, there’s still that kinda orange peel kind of hint to it. Its like San Pellegrino Orange and Callipo Orange had a baby and created the Orangeade terp profile baby!

When not smoking, you’re still left with an overpowering taste of fruity orange, and as a bit of dry mouth becomes apparent, you even get a bit of sourness at the back of the throat, a bit like you do when you’ve just drank orange juice with dry mouth and you get that sour taste left at the back of your throat.



The first thing that’s noticeable is that I’m instantly feeling uplifted early on in this high. I feel chatty and clear headed with a light headband cerebral feeling, but not behind the eyes like an indica might, but almost like the top of my head has been raised a couple of inches higher.

There’s a continuous uplift in high as the smoke goes on though the head buzz stays consistent. Im still feeling very functional and clear headed, but my body is starting to feel a lot more relaxed. And a while on it’s becoming very clear that if you smoke to much of this strain, you’re probably gunna get a bit of couch lock!

This pheno of Orangeade definitely packs a punch! So don’t be fooled in to thinking this is just another light buzzy tangie cross. Like I said, this hybrid definitely has the ability to put you in to the back of your chair for a good while if you smoke too much, so I would say to smoke this one in moderation.

I would say that overall this is a perfect strain for most occasions, with very talkative and buzzy effects, but with a body relaxing side kick. The terp profile is absolutely unreal (if you like oranges), and it has to be noted how divine the flavour still is half way down or even at the end of joint.

This isn’t like any other tangie cross Ive smoked. Ive tried Purple Punch a few times and not been a massive fan of its terp profile, but combined with tangie and it’s definitely a winner! Almost a prefect combination! You definitely know you’ve smoked something after hitting the Orangeade so go easy on it and you’ll be ok!

Have you grown Orangeade? How did it go? Or have you tried smoking some before?? Hit us up and let us know your thoughts either through my personal IG account @ernest_herb or the team @britishseedco, I’d be interested to hear your opinions on the strain.

Yours truly high,

Ernest Herb 🌿