Hybrid Cannabis Seeds UK

Discover our ever-expanding range of hybrid cannabis seeds; brought to us by a variety of incredibly gifted breeders. The genetic mastery on offer here really is something else. Hybrids are a great way to get the best of both worlds, combining both indica & sativa strains.

Typically, cultivators should expect varying flowering times, due to the nature of their unpredictable parentage. Furthermore, many of these potent plants offer high yields to caring cultivators. These yields often contain a bounty of potent buds, with users citing a blend of effects from both Indica & Sativa.

Again, due to the nature of hybrid cannabis strains, a wide range of growth patterns are demonstrated. We recommend cultivators also research their chosen strain to best care for it; some may require trimming and some flower earlier than others.

However, hybrids tend to mix the best of both, with sometimes just a splash of Indica or Sativa. More often than not, hybrid strains will lean towards one side of the spectrum, demonstrating either Indica or Sativa dominant traits. Those seeking something else, feel free to discover our impressive Indica cannabis seed range; or take a look at our Sativa cannabis seeds.

Alternatively, feel free to browse our cannabis seed bank, featuring all of our seeds from renowned breeders. We insist that all our customers should follow the laws set by their country, state or province. Any and all seeds sold for novelty purposes only. The British Seed Company also take no responsibility if seeds sold used in any form considered illicit or illegal to relevant authorities.

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