Sativa Cannabis Seeds UK

Seeking superior Sativa cannabis seeds? Look no further, our expanding range is stocked with some of the best breeds available; brought to us by world renowned breeders. Plants of the Sativa strain often grow tall in stature, with narrow leaves spanning wide.

These strains are best suited to warm climates with a long season, alongside also taking longer than Indica strains to harvest; due to flowering cycle time. However, Sativa cannabis seeds still remain a firm favourite for many of the marijuana-minded worldwide.

Users note that these strains offer invigorating and energising effects. Both Indica and Sativa offer similar yet contrasting effects to users; therefore we recommend researching and deciding on your preferred strain before growing. Lastly, feel free to browse our range of Indica or hybrid cannabis seeds here.

Alternatively, feel free to browse the rest of our range, featuring top genetics from renowned breeders. We insist that all our customers should follow the laws set by their country, state or province. Any and all seeds sold for novelty purposes only. The British Seed Company also take no responsibility if seeds sold used in any form considered illicit or illegal to relevant authorities.

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