Digital Genetics is a breeder straight from Canada. Their goal is to create new varieties of medical marijuana seeds with exotic terpene profile and unique looks. Strains are high yielding and vigorous for the new and seasoned growers around. Their  strains are crossed with some of the best cannabis seeds genetics available on todays market. The collection is done by hand, ensuring the best selection among them under constant control of temperature and humidity for optimal preservation. The maintenance and development of their genetics is performed from the results of 100% organic crops and they are a fast achieving company with marvellous reputation for high quality seeds.


Digital Dream


Male: White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus

Female: Blue Dream

Flowering time: 60-73 days

Indica/Sativa: 40/60

Yield: Monstrous

This strain loves topping and LST…she produces large dominant colas, so pruning her into a bush with many tops is the most beneficial way for her to produce. Light to medium feeder great all day smoke with no crash…the flavour ranges from fresh Lemon to Funky Blueberry. They will finish around ten weeks of flower with some phenotypes taking an additional week . Giant, jagged, leaves power sativa spears that pack a dizzying high and tickle the nose with exotic terpene profiles with huge hand sized buds.



GrapeSnowTrain (GST)

Male: White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus

Female: Purple Trainwreck

Flowering time: 55-60 days

Indica/Sativa: 60/40

Yield: High Yields

The Smell of Grapes is here. This strain is a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She displays vigorous growth in veg, and responds very well to multiple topping sessions. Tops transform into dominant colas after about 10 days of stretch when switched to flower. Flowering sets in quickly and top bud sites are clearly visible by the end of week 1. Crystals start to develop by the middle of week 3. You will be very pleased with the end result. Sticky frost covered buds that will jam up your grinder. A very heavy stone that leaves you wanting a nap about 2 hours later. Not recommended this strain if you are trying to be productive. Definitely recommend this strain if you want your pain to melt away, and also very good as a sleeping aid.


Albino Fire Skunk

Albino Fire Skunk OG

Male: White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus

Female: Pineapple Skunk

Flowering time: 56-65 days

Indica/Sativa: 45/55

Yield: Very Big

Smells will be berry, floral, burnt rubber background on the Pineapple Skunk leaning phenos and straight gas, watermelon to rubbing alcohol. and my personal favourite which is dominant on this strain..(peach flavoured baby powder) she is a great strain for breeding projects. These plants stink in veg and really emit odours as they kick into flower. Precautions should be taken. Flowering times go from 8 to 10.5 weeks depending on phenos. Expect to see dense and colourful buds glazed with resin.

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