Ernest Herb’s Strain Review

‘Digital Dream’



So the strain we are reviewing today is by a rad group of Canadian breeders called Digital Genetics, and we’ve been trying some of their Digital Dream.

The strain is a 40/60 hybrid which was created through the crossing of Digital Genetics’ White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus and Blue Dream, giving the strain a unique range of colours and terpy profile.


The single bud was given to me in a clear bag so no fancy packaging here! But it’s clear to see even through the bag that this bud is aesthetically beautiful! Once out the bag you can see a soft palette of greens, blues and purples washed into each other, with striking orange hairs sprouting out from every which way. The nug isn’t super dense, but it is definitely completely sugar coated with trichomes, and is left indented slightly when squeezed. It’s been manicured well, with purple hints showing here and there from where the sugar leaves were trimmed. Im looking forwards to this one…


Instantly when getting out the Digital Dream you get hit with full on sweet sherbet candy aroma. It’s not a complex smell, and doesn’t seem to change when trying to pick out terp profiles. It smells kinda like chewy sweets, or like when you get your car valeted and they’ve sprayed all the surfaces with that strawberry air freshener stuff, and thats in a good way as it smells gorgeous! Im really hoping it tastes how it smells!


So that sherbet candy definitely comes through in the flavour but not quite as strong, and theres quite a creaminess to it. I’d also say that fruity flavours I’m now picking up are leaning towards the blueberry side of things, but still with that almost sugary sweetness, with hints of zest coming through.

The terps aren’t pungent but they are definitely pretty full on and there’s that sweet creamy flavour left in the mouth as a lovely after taste. It would be fair to say you can see where the Blue Dream comes in to this strain, but thats not to say that the terps on this strain are very unique with that over riding sherbet flavour.


I can feel the effects of this Digital Dream before I’m even half way down the joint with the stone starting with relaxation around the eyes and temples which is much welcomed. It hasn’t taken long until my muscles in my upper body have started to loosen, and my arms definitely feel lighter! This stone is definitely uplifting!

Its very clear that after 5-10 minutes the high is pretty hard hitting! Everything seems to be going on in my head and it’s absolutely buzzing. Not in a million thought per second head buzz, but my body just feels light and the rest of the high is going on in the head, still feeling clear but more motivated.

This is definitely a buzzy day strain for getting things done I would say. The high is definitely energising and the lightness of the body that the effects give, make me feel way more motivated to do things physically. You can definitely see how this strain leans towards the sativa side, but the indica for sure helps keep the mind calm from racing too much. So I think over thinkers can not have to worry about that problem!

After a few joints I have to say I really am a fan of Digital Dream! I was dubious on flavour, as I’m not the biggest lover of Blue Dream, but this terp profile is a winner! That over riding sweet sherbet flavour kills it! Some people might rate a strain on its denseness, or should I say not rate a strain for its looseness, and not to say this bud was loose. But any softness is definitely made up by this beautiful and unique terpene profile, and the elevating body and motivating head high is great for those sativa lovers or motivation hunters!

Have you ever tried Digital Dream? Or grown any of the Digital Genetics range? If so what are your thoughts on them? Are you a fan of Digital Genetics? Let us know either on IG or through the website. Or you can hit me up personally to share your thoughts via my IG account ernest_herb.

Yours truly high,

Ernest Herb