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Gelato 33 S1 bred by Seed Junky genetics.


Gelato 33 Strain Information

Gelato 33 is what you get when you cross the two legendary strains, Girl Scout Cookies & Sunset Sherbet. Renowned for its sweet, fruity aroma, this sensational strain offers a universally appealing flavour. Whilst being a slightly indica favoured hybrid, Gelato still packs a sativa punch. Cookie Fam Genetics have released many phenotypes of Gelato. This such phenotype #33 was aptly named in reference to the legendary basketball player, Larry Bird. Whether or not Larry Bird has ever sampled this strain remains a mystery to this day…

Gelato 33 Strain

Gelato 33 really is one beautiful strain. Before you even smell it, this strain is instantly recognisable as one of the higher grades. Its beautiful buds boast bright orange pistils, contrasting nicely with its varying shades of green and purple, from darker leaves to a majestic, mossy aesthetic. These buds look like you’ve picked up a perfect piece of the forest. When cured correctly, its flowers give off a strong smell of pungent citrus, accompanied by a faint fruity aroma, courtesy of its parent strain, Sunset Sherbet.

When broken apart or ground up, these flowers emit a much more herbal smell. Gelato plants often grow comparatively low buds, however they tend to take on the dense structure often found in indica strains. With a name meaning “ice-cream” in Italian, it’s no surprise that this strain reflects that. Whilst being quite heavy, Gelato leaves behind a smooth, cream-like sensation on exhaling, alongside an uplifting high.

Gelato 33 Seeds

An auto-flowering type, Gelato seeds typically flower within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors. Growers can expect an above average yield for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Harvest time is typically at the beginning to the middle of October for outdoor grows. Gelato seeds and cannabis is highly resistant to bacteria, mites, mildew, molds and more. This seems like the dream plant, offering a bountiful reward of high grade, sought-after buds. However, most of the challenge lies in growing the Gelato plant. The original cultivators have not released any information on how to properly raise these plants, becoming an industry secret. For help on where to start, this grow diary features a week by week cultivation process.

Gelato 33 Yield

On average, plants heights range from short to medium sized, offering buds with 18 to 25% THC content. However, these buds contain only 0.1% CBD, known to counteract some negative affects of THC. On the other hand, beginners shouldn’t seek strong strains like these. Of course, that won’t stop many people, so if you do decide to sample Gelato for the first time, be sure to go easy. Although highly coveted, Gelato plants are known to be difficult to grow. As mentioned previously, competent cultivators will be expecting an above average Gelato yield, whether grown indoors or outdoors. However actual amounts are often unknown, as cultivators are notorious for closely guarding their yields.


Many users highly value this strain for its medical uses. Known to treat pains, chronic aches and alleviate stress with its powerful effects. Those suffering from headaches and migraines have been known to use it as treatment. Offering a carefree, uplifting mood and also said to offer relief from mental health issues, such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. However, repeated and excessive use is known to result in the opposite affect, causing bouts of anxiety or depression. Furthermore, its low CBD to THC ratio is also a worry for long time, consistent users. CBD typically counteracts negative affects associated with cannabis consumption, alongside helping with mental health. Once again, this is one potent strain that even experienced users struggle to tame. As such, we advise that you take it slow and enjoy yourself.

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