‘Tropicanna Cookies F2’ Strain Review

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‘Tropicanna Cookies F2’



Whats cracking? This week I going to have a look at some lovely looking Tropicanna Cookies from US seed bank Oni Seeds which has been grown by Motherland Collective. The strain is an F2 hybrid of two champion varieties, Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) and Tangie, and has become very popular on the market in the UK and the US over the last year.

Harry Palms, one of the owners and breeders of Oni Seeds, personally selected this strain after a laborious selection process where only the best results of each test were chosen, thus ensuring high quality seeds in all their offspring.

Tropicanna Cookies is not a complicated plant to grow, it adapts well to both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and will perform well in soil, coco, aeroponic and hydroponic growing systems.

In flowering is when you can really appreciate the quality of Tropicanna Cookies, with plants full of buds covered in copious amounts of resin, making it a great candidate for carrying out resin extractions of all kinds.


I’m given a lovely looking small jar, that’s sealed shut and then secured by metallic labels with the Motherland Collective logo on one, and the strain name on the other, and the overall presentation is very smart and professional looking. And inside, the solid dark nugs continue tradition…

When I pour the contents out on to the table, they’re followed by a trail of crystals that have already been knocked off to the bottom of the jar, and I’m left seeing some insane colours! The colour of the Tropicanna Cookies F2 are a range of dark purples and blues, and even hints of black seem to come through on these bobbly tight dense nugs.

Each bud is completely showered in thick heavy trichomes that look like they will fall out when you touch them and this gives the darkness a contrasting white shimmer to to it. You can see a few gold hairs on the flower, but just the odd one poking out here and there, giving it another slight layer in depth of colour.

Its fair to say, that this pheno of Tropicanna Cookies looks absolutely stunning!


When I crack out the pot open I’m met with an abundance of fruity smells. The dominating smell that comes through first is an orange tangie aroma, and this is instantly backed up with some sort of tropical terp profile that I want to say smells like that rad drink Um Bongo or something.

The tropical tangie aroma really comes through strong when the buds are squeezed and broken up, leading this pheno to the sativa side of things, where as some other cuts have smelled more doughy from the cookies side of the genetics.


Like the aroma, the flavour that you’re met with is bursting with Tangie terps, with the subtle tropical hints coming through on the inhale, and an almost caramel like creamy taste on the exhale.

The taste is clean and after the exhale you’re left with a nice tingle on your tongue.  The creaminess of the Girls Scout Cookies is subtle but definitely there, though gradually I’m just left with a tangy and slightly bitter after taste in my mouth that feels like could only have come from the Tangie.

I do really like the flavour, but I would say it isn’t as pungent as some other Tangie dominant strains such as the Forbidden Fruit and 24K I’ve been smoking. Nether the less, that isn’t to take away from the lovely tropical taste that makes this strain more unique than other tangie crosses.


Half way through my first joint, I start to feel lightly uplifted. The high is subtle at first but definitely cerebral, giving me that warm head band feeling around my head. Even though the high feels fully in my head, it’s obvious that high is very clean clear headed.

The high doesn’t seem to be felt in the rest of the body other than the head, and I personally like to be able to feel that from a strain, and thought the high isn’t feeling very strong, it is definitely creeping.

One thing that is noticeable is that I do feel centred and focused, and I suppose feeling a bit more motivated and creative minded. The other thing, is how quickly I’ve got the munchies. I had a fatty bombatty bacon sarnie right before having a smoke and I’m hungry again already, so maybe not a strain for those who get the munchies easy!

About 30-45 minutes in, I’m defo starting to feel the benefits of the high, with the body feeling energised and proactive, but with the chilled, settled mind that’s come from the clean head high. Leaving my mind feeling able to concentrate on not get too distracted.

Overall I would say that the terp profile and aesthetics are most definitely the strongest qualities of this pheno of Tropicanna Cookies F2. The flavour is just gorgeous, and the buds just look insane with its contrast of ice white trichomes on the almost jet black flower. I have to say, its nice to have a different variation on what is a very tangie saturated market, and the appearance makes it a real show stopper.

The high is fairly light in my opinion which is surprising considering the trichome coverage, but it is still a very nice one, and in honesty, probably suits me better than a real buzzy sativa dominant strain.

Have you grown or tried consuming any Tropicanna Cookies before? If so what are your thoughts on the strain??  Hit us up and let us know, either through my personal IG account @ernest_herb or The British Seed Co page.

Yours truly high,

Ernest Herb ????

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