Orange Jubilee


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Orange Jubilee:

Sundae Driver #4 (Woodstock Cut) x Orange Cookies #10 (Woodstock Cut)

Flower time: 60-65 days

There are two dominant pheno types that were presented during testing.

The first has dense aromas of orange zest and fresh pressed grape juice. This would be the most balanced blend of mom & dad.

The second smells of lime juice with a splash of orange juice.

Both are flavor packed with deep calming effects that alleviate anxiety/restlessness and body aches.

Only 1 left in stock


Orange Jubilee Seeds from Woodstock Farmacy

Introducing the outstanding Orange Jubilee strain to our seed collection; brought to us from renowned breeders and cultivators, Woodstock Farmacy. This superior strain boasts a rich genetic lineage, crossed from sought-after Sundae Driver #4 and Orange Cookies #10; delivering a delightfully fruity taste and aroma alongside deep calming effects. On the topic of aromas, Sundae Driver is famous for its dense, zesty orange and grape juice smell; whilst Orange Cookies smells surprisingly of lime juice, with a dash of orange. Combined, these two produced a superb strain with their offspring, Orange Jubilee.

Aesthetically speaking, this strain offers everything you come to expect; beautiful brown pistils bursting through gorgeous green leaves, encompassed by frosty white trichomes. Users often report that this strain alleviates anxiety, restlessness and body aches. A hardy plant, Orange Jubilee grows both indoors and outdoors, although indoor grows often provide the best yields. Alongside this, this potent plant also grows fairly fast, with a flowering time of just 60-65 days.

Strain type: Hybrid

Room type: Indoor / Outdoor

Flowering time: 60-65 days

Lineage: Sundae Driver #4 (Woodstock Cut) x Orange Cookies #10 (Woodstock Cut)

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