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Breeder: Massive Creations x T.H.Seeds

Lineage: Just like the French Cookies (Platinum Girl Scout Cookies) and the French Macaron (Gelato 33 X French Cookies) T.H.Seeds™ has feminized one of the most popular strains, the Shiloh Z, resulting in a more stable plant with a bigger production.

Sex: Female

Type: Photoperiod

Pack size: 5 Seeds


Shiloh Z Seeds from T.H. Seeds x Massive Creations

Another fresh additional to our collection: Shiloh Z seeds brought to us from T.H. Seeds x Massive Creations. When it comes to the top tier strains from Massive Creations, it’s always a surprise if someone manages to improve upon them. Shiloh Z may well be just that; an indica dominant hybrid, this strain is suitable for growth both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, this super strain has a flowering time of approx. 60 days, a fast and high yielding grow perfect for growth in a number of locations. Shiloh Z is also capable of growing in all mediums including hydro, soil and coco. This innovation has also resulted in better structure and resistance than the original Z, perfect for a wide variety of climates and conditions.

This juiced up strain offers a medium to high yield of 450-550g per square metre with an average height of 100-130cm. The Shiloh Z seeds are the right choice and perfect plant for both new and experienced cultivators alike; further cited as an easy grow and suitable for organic and mineral feeding. Even before flowering, strong, sweet & spicy aromas are secreted, truly a joy to smell. Cultivators should expect a stunning and pretty plant for their efforts; forest green leaves complemented by beautifully light green, compact & dense buds brimming with frosty trichomes. Lastly, Shiloh Z produces a huge amount of resin throughout the plant; an ideal grow for hash makers, first timers and experienced cultivators alike.

Flowering time: Approx. 60 days.

Yield: Medium/High – 450-550g per square metre.

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Lastly, we insist that all our customers should follow the laws set by their country, state or province. Any and all seeds sold for novelty purposes only. The British Seed Company also take no responsibility if seeds sold used in any form considered illicit or illegal to relevant authorities.

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