Rocky Balboa


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Rocky Balboa:

(Grape Pie Cannarado Cut) x Tropicana Cookies F2 (#6 Woodstock Cut)

Flower time: 60-65 days

Rocky Balboa goes the distance. You will be pumped up while she flowers in your garden. Her aromas are a pungent blend of grape and orange juices. Her colors are deep dark purple with vibrant orange hairs layered with terrine rich trichomes.

As much as excitement and anticipation as she brings while growing, she will knock your lights out when you finally get to experience her dense, deep flavored indica smoke.

Only 2 left in stock


Rocky Balboa Seeds from Woodstock Farmacy

Introducing the superb Rocky Balboa strain to our seed collection; brought to us by veteran breeders, Woodstock Farmacy. Stemming from a rich lineage with potent parents, this strain is sure to score a first round knockout. However unlike Stallone, this pungent plant emits aromas of grape and orange juices – a lovely little fruity number. Furthermore, the flowering time of this heavyweight herb is a reasonably rapid 60-65 days; with cultivators rewarded with a decent sum of boisterous buds. In flowering, this pretty plant exhibits deep dark purple hues with vibrant orange pistils bursting through the terrine rich, frosty trichomes. Whilst the Rocky Balboa strain brings great anticipation throughout growing, your patience is well rewarded!

Strain type: Indica

Room type: Indoor / Outdoor

Flowering time: 60-65 days

Lineage: (Grape Pie Cannarado Cut) x Tropicana Cookies F2 (#6 Woodstock Cut)

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